There is Power in his Eyes

A humble dedication to Mohanji from this Bhaktananda

I completely acknowledge that we belong to a tradition that is powerful, but sometimes even I can do nothing but sit back quietly and smile when I see some of the leela the tradition plays. Mohanjis grace and energy flows through his eyecard. Mohanji’s words are the incarnation of truth. Mohanji’s grace is the love of a Mother. Mohanji is the dispeller of obstacles.  I began to understand these statements more over the last few days, which culminated in watching a video of a Hanumanji murthi donated by Mohanji to the Sat Chit Ananda Temple society in Newcastle. Lets start from the beginning…..

It was in 2013 that South Africa decided to open an ashram dedicated to our beloved Guru, Shri Bramharishi Mohanji. That in itself is a story worth recounting, but we will leave it for another day. In brief, it was an epic battle of will and the victory of grace that flowed from Mohanji. When the construction of the altars where done, we went to look for deities. One deity we wanted was Hanumanji. Relating to Hanumanji, Mohanji recounted: “After that merger, the rest of the incarnations, if at all, are only for the sake of a higher purpose……. Hanumanji said, ‘ The moment I realise who I am, I lose my identity. I merge into you. I become you. ‘…….What Hanumanji meant was that if he realised who he really was, then there would be no separation from Ram, as Hanuman and Lord Ram are indeed ONE – two aspects of the same consciousness. There is no servant and no master. There is no expectation. There is no separation. Until this realization happens, this and that, me and that, he and that, and all other kinds and aspects of separation, will exist in the mind. ”

So, Hanumanji has a special place in my heart not only because he represents devotion to Lord Ram but also because he is a living example of what it means to be fully integrated and merging into your Chosen ideal, in his case it was Lord Ram. This integration into the Guru is the cornerstone of our tradition, and our aim is to be completely integrated into the consciousness of Mohanji. Ofcouse, because of our karmic patterns, life, place, time, circumstance we cannot be fully integrated all the time. So we use external tools like deities that inspire and remind us to be integrated. I therefore wanted a beautiful Hanumanji to remind us to always be integrated with Mohanji.

When I saw this particular Hanumanji murthi, I had no doubt in my mind that he is the one for us. There is no other way to describe him, except “handsome”.  The Prana Prathista, i.e. the prayer that permanently invokes the presence of Hanumanji into the statue, was done at Mohanji Dattatapovan Ashram in Durban, South Africa over 51 days. It culminated in Mohanji himself blessing the deity and calling Hanumanji and requesting him to live in the murthi. I remember that day so clearly.  I remember how during the time Mohanji had his hand over Hanumanji, calling Hanumanji’s energy into the statue, I clearly saw Hanumanji move his tail. Yes!!! I saw a marble statue move. Suddenly Hanumanjis face became soft and so real.  The expression on the deity changed. I knew from then on, Hanumanji will be present in the murthi forever because of the grace of Mohanji

Such a Handsome Hanumanji

Over the years we loved the deity and we all felt his presence. We would feel the cold marble murthi become warm to the touch during pujas and chanting. We would see bites being taken of food offered. We saw sindoor and vibuthi materialize on Hanumanji. Hanumanji appeared in the fire of many Homas (fire ceremony). There is a beautiful adage I read from the words of a saint – When you consecrate a deity with mantras, it needs maintenance. When a Guru consecrates a deity with his life force, the deity remains forever and does not need maintenance.

Hanumanji appears in the fire of the Homa as a Bhakta/Pujari offering prayers. Left is the picture of Hanumnaji that appeared in the fire of the homa done at Mohanji Dattatapovan Ashram South Africa. Right is a murthi of the Hanuman in Bhakta/pujari Bhav to help identify him in the fire.

Fast forward in time. We conducted our first program at the Sat Cith Ananda Hindu temple in Newcaslte.  A few senior members of the temple asked us to relay a message to Mohanji about the temple. Building of the temple was slow and difficult. Mohanji replied that there was a dosha of the land and that they should keep his eye card in the temple. He also ask us to bless some vibuthi with Mohanjis Gayatri mantra and sprinkle it on the land. Mohanji then said that we should not worry. He will look after everything. He said in a few months changes will start happening, and in a year there will be massive improvement.  And his words proved true. The temple has grown so much, both in terms of physical infrastructure and stakti. The hard work of the devotees and of course Mohanji’s grace has changed the face of the temple completely. The temple project started when I was still in school (maybe 10-12yrs old), and in a short while after Mohanji’s blessings it is now almost complete.  This is the power of Mohanji’s eye card, words and blessings. When devotee’s consistent dedication (and I saw how hard the devotees worked…from physically building the temple to conducting satsang) is combined with grace, nothing is impossible. Mohanji says: “Grace is not easy. It needs perfect surrender. Once Grace flows, life becomes very easy.”

Arthi performed by a devotee. Its an act of surrender. Hanumanji watches and offers blessings as the devotees uses the arthi as a tool to integrate with Mohanji.

He blessed the temple to move forward. Even during his last visit to South Africa, Uncle Kristen invited him to personally visit the temple. I was surprised Mohanji agreed, because of the tight schedule, but I have learned that Mohanji always has a reason. Even now, his blessings continue. A while back, Mohanji asked us to offer our Hanumanji murthi that was at ashram to the temple as his blessings to the temple and to express our gratitude for hosting our weekly meditations. We immediately made arrangements, and delivered the deity to the temple that weekend. With Mohanjis blessings, I was elated to conducted the puja that installed the deity in the temple. I was so happy because Newcastle and the temple is special to me. It’s my home town and I grew up being inspired by the devotees of the temple. It was this inspiration that always kept me on the right track and kept me out of mischief (hahaha mischief is plenty in a small town hahaha).

Recently I saw a video of the very same Hanumanji murthi drinking water out of a spoon. The energy, blessings and grace of Mohanji is still in the murthi. I am so proud of Newcastle, the temple and MFSA Newcastle for sustaining this energy. It takes Bhav, devotion and surrender to allow grace to manifest this way.

This is the video of the Hanumanji Murthi that was offered to the Sat Chit Ananda Hindu temple by Mohanji through Mohanji Foundation South Africa, drinking water that was offered to him.

Well done Newcastle!!! Always remember what this Hanumanji represents. Integration with Guru. Integration with the Divine. Integration with yourself. Much more is on its way because of your integration with Mohanji and the Tradition. This is only the start. Maintain this connection and you yourself will see the difference. Go to and support the temple, conduct meditations, introduce people to the energy of the Mohanji, build the energy of the temple, become one family based on unconditional love. Life will change.


  1. V.Subramanian

    very inspiring blog full of devotion, subtle perception beautifully blended .The subtle highlights on how the blockages were removed and the intense priliminary work at a inner plane of consciousness is very revealing .I am sure this piece will be a guiding light for generations to come !

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