There have been times in my life when I have been inspired by saints and sages of the past, but few compare to what gifts have been given by Christ, the Son of God. His life is a testimony to the power of unconditional love and how one obtains the ultimate freedom in life just by applying what is now called the principles of Christ consciousness.  What I learn the most from the Ultimate Son of God, is that one needs to live principles and not just talk about it. One needs to live the principles of Christ consciousness in order to obtain the kingdom of God. One has to aspire to become Christ-like, i.e. compassionate, loving, forgiving, honest, accepting of criticism and as Mohanji says choosing love in all situations (which sometimes means tough-love as well).

The more I tried to understand my beloved Guru Mohanji, the more the loving Jesus Christ seemed familiar. The more it felt that from being a Master from a different tradition, he became a Guru of my tradition. This familiarity grew and grew and became an urge to try and understand why I felt an actual historical connection. I began reading more historical accounts of the Jesus, and finally began to understand the familiarity between Jesus and our tradition.

Since Jesus himself asked for initiation, it means he was looking for a teacher.  But if he was not initiated by the elders of Essenes, who was he taught by?

During the Passover on Mount Carmel, a 12 year old Jesus asked the elders of the Essenes for initiation which is normally given at an older age. After a conversation with the elders of the Essenes, Jesus began speaking about theological matters that even they could not understand. So he decided not to get initiation from them, as they had nothing to teach him. In the New Testament, there is a period of time which is not accounted for in the life of Jesus.  It does not report what happened to him from about 12 years till 29 years old.  Jesus, the carpenter’s son, suddenly disappears the age of the bar mitzvah (the age of secular maturity) and reappears at the age of 30 which is the age of readiness for the priesthood. In our tradition this is similar to the time a child enters the stage where he learns at a Gurukula (school run by a monk) and is initiated into a sampradaya. Since Jesus himself asked for initiation, it means he was looking for a teacher.  But if he was not initiated by the elders of Essenes, who was he taught by?

In John 10:6, Jesus himself said “Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold”. This made me realise that even before coming back to Israel, he taught the path to God and had disciples outside Israel. A German theologist, Holger Kersten and later a Russian journalist, Nicholas Notovitch studied an amazing scroll at the Hemis Gumpha Buddhist monastery in Tibet in the 1800’s. This scroll suddenly shed light and is historical proof of what the lost years of Jesus.  This document describes how Jesus came to India at the age of 13 and he learned from Vedic priests and other great monks of India. Jesus first made this way to Benares (Varnasi), the spiritual heart of India and it has one of the oldest universities dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual and material knowledge. This city is the most auspicious space to worship Lord Shiva and the major centre of Vedic learning in all of India. He crossed the Punjab and reached Jagannath Puri. At that time, Puri was a great centre of the worship of Shiva.

So is it unusual that Jesus would go to India to learn Sanatan Dharma and particularly learning sadhana and philosophy from a Shiva Sampradaya. At first I thought why would he travel to a foreign land and learn a foreign religion. But was worshiping Lord Shiva actually foreign to him and the practises of his tribe?  I remembered an incident where the ancestor of Jesus and father of the Hebrew nation, Abraham was given holy black stones by Archangel Gabriel and was instructed to worship it. This holy stones were passed down in his lineage. Genesis 28:11 says about Jacob and the stones that was passed down to him: “On reaching a certain place, he spent the night there because the sun had set. And taking one of the stones from that place, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep.” That night he dreamed of God. Genesis 31:13 goes on to say “I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed the pillar” and Genesis  31:45 says “So Jacob picked out a stone and set it up as a pillar”, Genesis 35:14 says “So Jacob set up a pillar in the place where God had spoken to him and he poured out a drink offering on it and anointed it with oil”. Remember Gods promise of a land flowing with “milk and honey”.

So the worship of ShivaLinga was not a foreign concept to Jesus

So what stone do we, as practitioners of Sanatan Dhrama, worship by pouring a drink offering over (e.g milk, water, honey, butter etc.) and anoint with scented oils? That’s right, a ShivaLinga. So the worship of ShivaLinga was not a foreign concept to Jesus.  Swami Nirmimalanada Giri in his book The Christ of India says “Although this tradition of ShivaLinga worship has faded from the memory of the Jews and Christians, in the nineteenth century it was evidenced in the life of the stigmatic Anna Catherine Emmerich, an Augustinian Roman Catholic nun. On several occasions when she was deathly ill, angelic beings brought her crystal Shiva Lingas which they had her worship by pouring water over them. When she drank that water she would be perfectly cured. Furthermore, on major Christian holy days she would have out-of-body experience in which she would be taken to Hardwar, a city sacred to Shiva in the foothills of the Himalayas, and from there to Mount Kailash, the traditional abode of Shiva, which she said was the spiritual heart of the world”.

The Buddhist document then goes on to say that Jesus then lived at the Govardhan Math, and learned the teachings of Adi Shankaraya, who is a Guru in our Tradition.  Suddenly the penny dropped. Jesus felt familiar because he was part of our tradition. He was taught by a Guru of our tradition, making him part of us. In the nineteen-fifties, the head of the Govardhan Math, and head of the entire monastic Swami Order of Shankaracharya, Jagadguru Bharat Krishna Tirtha publically spoke about documents that documented what Jesus learned from the Shakaracharya and they type of student he was. There are even carvings on temples walls speaking to this. He spent six years in Puri and Rajgirh, near Nalanda, the ancient seat of Hindu learning. Then he went to the Himalayas, and spent time in Tibetan monasteries, studying Buddhism, and through Persia, returned to Jerusalem at the age of 29.

So great, Jesus is part of our sampradaya through a Shri Shankaracharya. But something felt incomplete. There was more to this story.

Our Guru, Shri Mohanji at a church

This is why I felt so attracted to Christ and why his teachings seemed so familiar.  Christ is a Guru of my Sampradaya!!

Vijay Krishna Goswami, a renowned saint of Bengal and a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, spoke about spending time with a group of extraordinary ascetic monk-yogis known as Nath Yogis. Yay, that is our Sampradaya!!! The trail is getting hotter!! They spoke about a great Nath Guru whose life was recorded in a sacred text called the Nathanamavali. The Nathanamavali says “Isha Natha came to India at the age of fourteen. After this he returned to his own country and began preaching. Soon after, his brutish and materialistic countrymen conspired against him and had him crucified.” Omw!! Jesus Christ, was a Nath Guru called Isha Natha. My mind was blown away!! This is why I felt so attracted to Christ and why his teachings seemed so familiar.  Christ is a Guru of my Sampradaya!! He is my Paramestri Guru!! Tears welled in my eyes.

The Nathanamavali goes on to say “After crucifixion, or perhaps even before it, Isha Natha entered samadhi by means of yoga. Seeing him thus, the Jews presumed he was dead, and buried him in a tomb. At that very moment however, one of his gurus, the great Chetan Natha, happened to be in profound meditation in the lower reaches of the Himalayas, and he saw in a vision the tortures which Isha Natha was undergoing. He therefore made his body lighter than air and passed over to the land of Israel. The day of his arrival was marked with thunder and lightning, for the gods were angry with the Jews, and the whole world trembled. When Chetan Natha arrived, he took the body of Isha Natha from the tomb, woke him from his samadhi, and later led him off to the sacred land of the Aryans. Isha Natha then established an ashram in the lower regions of the Himalayas and he established the practice of the lingam there.”  So this is where the Isha Sampradaya came from!!!

A Nath Guru awoke Christ from his Samadhi

I could not contain me tears. Even more I now see my Beloved Mohanji and Christ as one consciousness.  Christianity and Sanatan Dharma are therefore ideally teaching the same truth, just using different language.  What a revelation for me!!! I hope this also impacts you as much as it impacts me. Christianity is a derivative of Nath Sampraday!!! We are one.

Mohanji speaks about the Son of God:
I prostrate at the feet of the Great Master who told us “Unconditional Love is the Path as well as destination”. All we need is LOVE. All that we see on earth is not ours. We experience those sense objects when we are alive and leave everything  – when we die. We came to this earth empty handed. We posses many materials while we live, and leave everything behind when we leave our body. We own nothing, permanently. We are only temporary custodians of everything, including this ever changing body. In such situation, what can we fight for? What is worth fighting for? ONLY DIVINE GRACE. Bodies will come and go, while Divine Grace continues. My deepest pranaams to the great master, who kept his body only for about 33 years, but created the impact which still lasts – through generations, even though interpretations of his teachings might have suffered at the hands of time. A life well lived. A life of purity and Love. May His blessings create the same effect in all lives and may hatred and greed vanish from the face of our mother earth. May we be able to experience and express His consciousness, always. May Unconditional LOVE prevail for ever on earth, as in heaven. All we need is LOVE – Mohanji

We are ONE

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  1. Rogan

    Jai Mohanji

    A very beautiful story. Thank you Swami Bhaktananda for educating us and explaining how Lord Jesus Christ is linked to our tradition. I always had and still do have a strong attraction to Lord Jesus Christ but now I understand why.

    Thank you
    Love and blessings always

  2. Eric Elbers

    A wonderful and very interesting presentation. Thank you Swami Bhaktananada. Knowledge about this topic has been around for some time but has remained underground for obvious reasons. More information about this link between Christ and India and about a sect that has dedicated their spirituality to this common history can be found on the website Original Christianity and Original Yoga, The founder has come to the same conclusions:
    ‘’Original Yoga was divinely revealed to the Nath Yogi Sampradaya begun by Matsyendranath and Goraknath, of which both Patanjali and Jesus (Sri Ishanath) were members.” – Abbot George Burke [Swami Nirmalananda Giri]. I highly recommend readers who want to know more about this fascinating  part of religeous history to visit this website. – Eric Elbers

    1. Bhaktanand

      Thank you so much Eric. This is such an amazing website. I am learning so much. I LOVE the monks in orange with a big crucifix around their neck. Its putting ideas in my head hahaha

  3. Lakshmi Mohanananda

    When the words are written purely from the heart, it can be felt by the reader – I felt the words in my heart. Thank you for writing this article, it is very beautiful. I’ve also experienced a sense of familiarity and deep connection to Him and even if my mind would forget, a reminder happens. I guess it hurt that “interpretations of his teachings might have suffered at the hands of time.” There were things I didn’t understand yet the heart connection was still very deep.

    I will share one experience: A few years ago when I was praying at my lamp (my sacred space), I experienced a bright image infront of me, I will not forgot those eyes infront of me which dripped of pure unconditional love, I recognized Him immediately. Then He said, “Not everyone knows who I truly am.” The words felt so profound… Then I understood… The experience happened for a few seconds, almost like a dream yet I was awake…

    1. Bhaktanand

      This is such an amazing experience!!! Wow

      And it is the truth. Not everyone actually knows the true Christ and actually want to live by this true teachings.

  4. Gayatri Jayshankar

    Dear Swamiji..
    Only to today,I listened to your experience with the Oneness of Jesus with the Sampradaya..You have done us proud.Yes..many of these insights I am personally aware..Long story..still,the way you presented it ,is an eye opener..Such feeling of Love,with which you have conveyed is a blessing for us to imbibe in our lives..May the tradition empower you more with their Grace..Jai Jai Mohanji Baba ❣️

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