Part 2 of 4: Grace in the face of Loss

Mohanji always speaks about a powerful vedic adage “Mata Pita Guru Deva”. It’s a way I try to live my life. There are many meanings to this powerful statement. But to me one intrepretation is a statement reminding you of gratitude and growth. Your mum and dad (mata pita) prepares you to meet your Guru. […]

Lets Blame God, Lets Blame Mohanji

It is all Gods fault that I lost my job. I prayed to Shiva every day for a whole month and still I did not get the promotion. Why did Jesus not heal my mother and save her? Where was the Tradition when my relationship broke? I offered a coconut and kumkum to Devi every […]

GRACE in the face of Loss – Part One

I have written many scientific papers in complex topics and even wrote about personal moments in my life, but this blog is by far the most difficult to articulate. Talking about the death of both my parents. It is not only the pain and loneliness that makes it difficult, but more how do I express […]


Christianity and Hinduism are two of the world’s most loved (and sometimes hated) religions. I have personally had so many experiences where I heard derogatory statements from Christian leaders (and some of them were my own family) like “Hindus worship the Devil”, “Hindus have so many Gods, they must be confused”, “Hindus pray to idols […]

There is Power in his Eyes

There is Power in his Eyes

A humble dedication to Mohanji from this Bhaktananda I completely acknowledge that we belong to a tradition that is powerful, but sometimes even I can do nothing but sit back quietly and smile when I see some of the leela the tradition plays. Mohanjis grace and energy flows through his eyecard. Mohanji’s words are the […]

Malicious Gossip – Know The Game

Malicious Gossip – Know The Game

With all my associated weaknesses and limitations I do make mistakes and do things incorrectly. But recently, I noticed how malicious people have become and how they seem to hang onto anything negative about me. Some things were exaggerated, incomplete or even if they were true, the point is that through gossip I suddenly was a demon. This really brought me down and I felt useless, but Mohanji’s teaching grounded me again. Understanding why people are malicious or why they gossip has really brought me back to a positive space. From my experience, people become malicious and gossip (especially if they publically try to defame you) for the following reasons: projection, consciousness level, to feel superior, boredom, envy, to get attention, and/or their egos are threatened